The ReEntry™ Carpet Recycling Program

The ReEntry™ Carpet Recycling Program

To care for the planet, you’ll want to know that you can recycle your carpet, and that you’re purchasing carpet that’s sustainable. Interface’s groundbreaking ReEntry™ Carpet Tile Recycling program helps you do both.

Not only do we take back any old carpet at the end of its life, but we even accept carpet from other manufacturers. Using specially developed technology, we convert old carpet to new carpet and other products, reusing the vinyl and nylon components again and again. Our carpet tiles have a total recycled content of up to 67%, and post-consumer recycled content of up to 30%. The use of raw materials for carpets is the biggest stress on the environment; recycling materials reduces this.

Carpet is one of the world’s top 10 landfill items. Globally, since 1994, we’ve kept over 90,000 tonnes of carpet out of landfills. It’s all part of Mission Zero®, our commitment to eliminate any possible negative impact as a manufacturing company on the environment, by 2020. Meanwhile, we use Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to guide our manufacturing and product design decisions, taking into account all environmental impacts.  

Your use of our product can also help you with ratings for Green Buildings, but most importantly: you’re reducing your waste and environmental footprint, increasing the sustainability of your company and giving a lift to this beautiful planet we live on.  


Article Date: 07/03/2016